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Everything will be much easier with self-service kiosk which at this modern era, people tends to settle up their things in a short time period.
This technology consists of a touchscreen with a user-friendly digital interface that displays information, printing a documents or even guides user to use the system precisely.

Functions :

Printing forms and any important document

Check any application status or payment due

Reporting a problems and surveys


Secure transactional solution through which users can make payments for various products and services through specified payment methods. While the concept of a payment kiosk is seemingly straightforward, the functionalities of payment kiosks can vary based on the businesses.
We do provide a full solutions for self-service payment kiosk which more people can use cashless method to settle their settlement and payment due. This also is a good moves and encourage Malaysian and even foreigner to use the system.


Don't keep the customers waiting!! Reduce the time by making a good queueing management system with us.

• Reduce walkaways

• Increase customer lifetime value

• Reduce negative perceptions of wait times

• No more long queue

Controls physical lines and minimizes the customers' waiting period NOW!


Interactive Kiosk are suitable for various applications including shopping mall directory, building directory as well as for information purpose

The Directory content may need to have the proper navigation information :

• Customer or visitors can identify or to get the actual location spot within the building itself by using Directory kiosk for navigation
• The Directory kiosk can be as high end content direction guidance via "Way- Finding" function which able to accurately guide from Point to Point

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