Save Your Electricity Bill

Learn how an efficient power unit system can help you save money on your
electricity bill without incurring any additional costs.

Efficient Power Unit

Our patent applied Efficient Power Unit (EPU) System was introduced to assist in lowering the electricity bills from anywhere between 5% to 10% by minimizing the “dirty” electricity caused by EMF and Reactive Power.

How They Work ?

• Reduces Reactive Power (kVAR) in the circuit

• EPU System handles up to 200 amps at the main switchboard

• The power which flows back and forth like a pendulum without doing any useful work in the circuit.

How They Work ?

The patent applied collars LESSENS the EMF and hence, the reactive power, acting as a "filter" to the circuit.
Transfer of current would be more EFFICIENT, REDUCTION in HEAT to equipment, and LOWERING HARMONICS which is damaging to electronics. .

Lower Energy Bills

Reduce your electricity kWh and enjoy lower monthly bills without an additional cost.

Lengthen Equipment's Lifespan

Reduces wear and tear, decrease heating level, reduces fluctuations & improves efficiency

Remote Monitoring

Check on your power consumption and usage levels remotely using a mobile device or computer

Product liability Insurance Cover

Risk-free: Our EPU comes with product liability insurance coverage

Long-Lasting and Safely

Using our high-quality Sirim certified components ensures a long service life and safely to use for years to come

Get Started Energy Saving with EPU System

Call us to make an appointment
Please contact us to schedule a free consultation
Pre-install Site Visit
We will visit your site to study your power station.
No-risk, zero Cost Proof of Concept (POC)
We will collect back our EPU system without any charges if there is no saving on the electricity bill after POC month
Leasing agreement after POC month

Satisfied with the saving result of POC, start the leasing agreement for long-term savings.
Out leasing fees are calculated as 60% of the savings on your elctricity bill. For example, if you save RM20K on your electricity bill each month, then you only pay RM12K in leasing fees.

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