Manufacturing the best machine

Established in 2006 , Dash Touch Solutions is one of the leading business of Self-Service Kiosk provider and Service Support Services . Despite pioneer in Self-Service business solutions, we also does have provided nationwide support, integrated professional services and etc. of Industrial I.T sector businesses . As our mission is to provide kiosk and solutions integration to the end client needs.


Daily Life Friendly Design

This is our in-house creative department based in Bandar Sunway,Selangor , where all our Kiosk Producs are designed. With our diverse experience, the team often starts with the consumer insights before moving on to creative solutions. Through this creative process, the team bridges consumer needs & want with the high-tech products.


Driving Innovation for Nearly 20 Years

Despite being a young business, we have already established ourselves in the food and beverage, industrial, financial, governmental, and multi-media sectors. Whatever the needs of your business, we can design products to suit them as well. Our current products are built to satisfy the growing needs of industry.

We strongly think that we can accomplish our purpose and turn our vision into reality because we are committed to studying and developing kiosk solutions, and we have the top engineers and professionals in the world working together. Through the years, we have progressively improved our Research & Development process with new findings and the way self-services being use behaviours. Simply said, this is our playground, we wont stop until we achieve our vision.

Our Client