Established in 2006 , Dash Touch Solutions is one of the leading business of Self-Service Kiosk provider and Service Support Services . Despite pioneer in Self-Service business solutions, we also does have provided nationwide support, integrated professional services and etc. of Industrial I.T sector businesses . As our mission is to provide kiosk and solutions integration to the end client needs.


The customer experience that you provide in your store is the bedrock of your successful as a retailer. People counting solutions can provide valuable insights that reveal opportunities to improve customer service, optimize staffing, and boost your sales.

Advantages of Point of Sales (POSM)

• Smooth transaction management

• Improve work environment and saves times

• Provides comprehensive customer insights

• Customer feedback that can be tracked and used


Sales Reporting

Record and analyze sales data to make informed business decisions

Customer management

Log purchases and keep in touch with customers through marketing tools

Inventory management

Manage quantity of stock to determine when and how often to reorder products

Employee management

Provide clock-in/clock out tools and manage scheduling and payroll


The self-service ordering system is a management system for restaurants and fast food outlets.
This technology consists of a touchscreen with a user-friendly digital interface that displays the restaurant's menu and guides clients from meal creation through payment, and orders are quickly sent to the kitchen for food preparation

Advantages of Self Service Kiosk

• Reduce man power and save times

• User-friendly for customer

• Improved shop/cafe environment


Digital signage is like a must nowadays. Most large businesses have already started changing from traditional printed signage to the more modern digital displays. it comes with various size of monitor to show display.

Advantages of Digital Signage

• Update Your Content Quickly

• Target Your Audience with Scheduling

• Dynamic Displays Catch Attention

• Interact with Audiences

• Increase Sales and Reduce Costs

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